Swedish Medtech Sustainability Forum 2023

Swedish Medtech launches Swedish Medtech Sustainability Forum – a new sustainablity conference for you working with sustainability, regulatory affairs or in a leading position in a medtech company. The conference will be held in English, completely online between 9-12 on three fridays during the spring.

During the conference, you will learn about sustainability from a variety of perspectives. Member companies and other industry associations, Swedish and international, share their perspectives on, for example, sustainable procurement and examples of how they are affected by European legislation on sustainability.

Daniel Akenine will present Microsoft's AI Code of Conduct and RISE and PwC will tell us more about sustainable AI. PwC will also present a new sustainability report.

Participating organizations in the program includes the National Secretariat for Sustainable Procurement, Lif, Cocir, BioInnovation, Rise, Re:Source, the Association of British HealthTech Industries and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

The program can be downloaded from our website and is continuously updated with new speakers.

Themes of the conference:

  •  Regulatory aspects of sustainability
  •  Innovation for a sustainable medtech sector
  • A sustainable healthcare sector

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