About Swedish Medtech

Swedish Medtech is the Association for Medical Technology in Sweden. Today we have approximately 200 member companies. The diversity of the medical technology industry is reflected in the wide selection of products offered by our member companies. These include x-ray equipment, orthodontic implants, stents, minimal invasive surgery products, pacemakers, equipment for physically disabled, haemodialysis as well as disposables. Our member companies consist of both manufacturers and distributors.

Swedish Medtech’s goals are

  • To position medical technology as a prerequisite for an effective health care
  • To strengthen the premises of the medical technology field in order to attain the best possible climate for research, innovation, investment, production and enhanced know-how in Sweden.
  • To improve business conditions for the medical technology field on the global market.
  • To create the best conditions for our members to interact with healthcare institutions.

To achieve these goals, Swedish Medtech continually communicates with our collaborators, such as county councils, the Government offices and other authorities in matters concerning medical technology. We also work towards creating awareness of the medical technology field among the Swedish public. Experience shows that, in order to attain best possible outcome for high quality healthcare, you need to establish a wide understanding of the importance of how public healthcare and the industry can work together.  

Economic Affairs and Procurement

As an association we strive to see to that the medical technology industry has the best possible opportunities to bring new innovations into healthcare use, to develop available products and services in use and to expand on the Swedish market. To change and improve business conditions for our member companies is therefore one of Swedish Medtech’s primary areas of activity.

Being that the majority of all medtech products on the Swedish market are subject to public procurement, public procurement constitutes a central business process for the medical technology industry. As questions commonly arise during a public procurement process we offer daily advice through our legal counsels to our member companies. It is also important to be able to present and discuss problems and questions, which arise during public procurement processes directly with those with whom the procurement is made. Swedish Medtech therefore has a unique network, which provides excellent opportunities to communicate directly with our customers. Swedish Medtech is a part of a network consisting of the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SLFU) and some of its procurement managers where, in an informal setting, general issues of public procurement are discussed and solutions found. Together with representatives from our member companies, Swedish Medtech also regularly visits with the Regions’ procurement managers.

We desire to create a business environment, which in the end will contribute and improve healthcare for society as a whole. This is achieved through a structured collaboration with healthcare and other institutions. A well-functioning market is a prerequisite for a positive steady progress where healthcare organizations, clinics, patients and the industry all benefit.

Innovation and Growth

For many years Sweden has been a leading country of innovative medical technology solutions. The pacemaker, stereotactic radiosurgery, the ultrasound, the incubator, the haemodialysis and many other innovations have increased the prospect for healthcare to save, prolong and improve the quality of life of many. It is now vital to ensure the Swedish companies’ further development of new innovations and the advancement of products and services in use.

Swedish Medtech plays an active role in creating the best possible conditions for innovations in the medical technology field. Today we can identify a number of obstacles for an innovation-friendly climate in Sweden. Two major concerns the past couple of years have been the evident decrease of clinical research along with the fact that it often takes a very long time for new techniques and innovations to be brought into use in healthcare. Together with public healthcare we actively work on reversing this predicament and in a longer perspective create a system where Swedish patients have access to the most advanced technology in the most cost effective way for society. This will benefit the medtech industry in Sweden as well as the patients and society at large. With the accurate focus, Sweden can re-possess its position as a leading nation of medical technology innovation and advancement.

Regulatory Affairs

In order to place a medtech product on the market one must comply with the regulatory requirements in force. These requirements secure the safety of the patients and healthcare personnel. The regulations also offer the foundation for accessing the market of the European Union, which therefore provides the base for effective sales within and outside of Europe. The applicable law in force is based on EU-regulation and focuses on the safety of patients and healthcare personnel.

Swedish Medtech continually works to influence the lawmaking process and to make sure the laws in Sweden are in conformity with the regulations and precedents of the European Union. We initiate, coordinate and update the industry on questions concerning medical technology regulations, quality and standardization. We meet with the Medical Products Agency (Läkemedelsverket) several times a year and the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) to discuss the applications of the laws, regulations and issues concerning supervision and monitoring. It is of importance for us to see to that the medical technology industry is represented in bodies and projects which member companies consider of value.

Swedish Medtech also arranges seminars on regulatory issues and the Environmental laws.